berlin based designer tonia welter has studied industrial design at the university of arts berlin. her diploma "schöne neue welt" was shown on several design shows such as the designmai youngsters berlin or the talents show at the tendence frankfurt fair.

in 2006 she has worked in zurich for christophe marchand. besides office and living furniture, she helped developing integrated concepts for cafés and restaurants including table ware, packaging and interior.

since spring 2007 she works on independent projects in berlin. her usb jewellery was first launched in the end of 2007.

the young designer actually focusses on redefining the asthetical and functional value of high tech elements. while questioning terms of use, apparel and context in every day life, she creates charming hybrids between fashion item and mobile tech tool for the digital bohemia.



usb jewellery

    tonia welter
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